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Maureen Morgan. Founder of Flourish, Nutrition Consultant, Certified Yoga Instructor

About Maureen

Maureen Morgan, certified nutrition consultant and registered yoga teacher, founded Flourish with the knowledge and desire to educate people about diet and lifestyle. Through her own personal experience of healing, Maureen has a deep understanding about the power of whole foods and stress management. She believes strongly that food heals, and that it is the foundation for living well.

Maureen has a talent and passion for teaching individuals about what diet and lifestyle changes will help improve their personal good health. By using a practical, down to earth approach, she takes what can seem confusing and overwhelming, and simplifies, to unravel the mystery. She makes eating for health obtainable and delicious, all while empowering people to take their health into their own hands.

In addition to individual nutrition counseling, Flourish also offers individual and group yoga classes, group nutrition classes, cooking demonstrations, community lectures and workshops.

Services to Help You Flourish

Eating . . . it sounds simple . . . for me it's always been a passion. Through my own experience, I deeply understand that there is a direct correlation between what you eat and how you feel. Food provides the building blocks for how our body functions. It either nourishes us, or robs us of vitality. There is a lot of confusion surrounding what is "healthy." Through my educational programs you will learn what foods nourish you, as well as different strategies to help support and transform your health.

Individual Counseling

One-on-one counseling (in person, by skype or telephone)

  • Personalized meal plans and recipes
  • Educational handouts
  • Email contact in-between sessions

Pantry Evaluation

Find out what in your cupboards is supporting your health, and what isn't. Together we come up with good alternatives so that everything in your cupboards nourishes you.

Grocery Store Tours

  • An hour tour of the grocery store of your choice
  • An ingredient list of foods to avoid and enjoy. Discover what foods give you the best nutrition for your dollar

Personalized Dietary Analysis

  • A computerized analysis of your food journal, showing you the nutritional value of what you are eating
  • Analysis of how to improve what you are already eating
  • Personalized menu plan

Individual Yoga Classes

One-on-one yoga instruction to help you get started, or strengthen your existing practice. While creating a unique sequence to support your needs, we focus on breathing techniques, proper alignment of the postures, relaxation and mindfulness.

Group Nutrition Education

Contact Maureen to learn more.

Cooking Classes

Contact Maureen to learn more.

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